So you think you want to be a twister?



We’re pretty fabulous. And You can be too.

let’s tell you a thing or two about Ourselves so that you can decide for yourself if You'd like to be our next fearless leader.

Is this twisted life right for you?


Twist is a beverage catering service, mobile bar and bartending company. This means that we are a bar on wheels. Where ever the party is, we go. We create the bar solution. Everything from simple beer and wine bars, to full cocktail bars featuring custom cocktails or signature drinks, we provide it with style and polish to charm and delight your guests. 

And we deliver the three most important things for a celebration: Drink. Dazzle. Delight. 


live the Ideal Life in bend, oregon


Have Bar. Will Travel.

This means we go to gorgeous locations overlooking rivers, lakes, and mountains on amazing properties all over Central Oregon (And Beyond).

Sometimes we are slinging drinks for small businesses, large corporations, huge or intimate weddings or private birthday parties. Sometimes we are concocting unique cocktail menus for our friends, neighbors, community leaders and every now and then an interesting celebrity. But it always means that we are the hub and heartbeat of every party, surrounded by cool people from around the world. And it means we make a helluva good living doing something refreshingly different from every other job and business out there.


Live to Work

We’re fun. We’re fun loving. We’re lively. We’re charming. We are the epitome of professionalism and we care a whole lot about each and every one of our clients. We love our jobs. We don’t just sell drinks. We sell an experience.

A lucrative experience.

Twist is turn-key, systematic and profitable. We have a proven track record of a 20% return on investment. Not many small businesses can say that.

So yes, we kind of know what we are doing over here. 

Work to live

Bend is the ultimate playground. This business allows you to figure out your system of absolute flexibility. You will ski, mountain bike, paddle, take the dogs on long hikes, coffee with friends and drink beer by the fire. 

You'll live the Central Oregon life with an excellent income source. 

If this sounds like something that might fit with what you are looking for, perhaps we should grab the dogs and some caffeine and have a chat (after you sign an NDA of course).

10 Years and Counting

AJ7A5821 copy (1).jpg


After a fabulous decade, Twist is listed for sale at $275,000

with over 10 years in the industry, we have morphed, changed, added and subtracted services to fulfill the changing needs, daydreams and desires of our community. And it’s time to morph again.  

As Twist’s founder and leader, I’m getting ready to make a life change that will put my focus on other projects that I am passionate about. But before I transform, I want to be sure to place Twist into new, competent, creative hands. 

Are you her new owner?

Let's chat. We'll grab the dogs, the mountain bikes, a cup of coffee or a cold brew and I'll tell you all about this wonderful machine we call Twist.  And you can decide for yourself if you'd like to get Twisted with us.