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Mobile Bar


Fill your Glass. Fulfill Your Wishes & Daydreams.

We believe that the mobile bar is the hub of the party. The center. The core. The heart. The place that almost every guest will visit at least once. We believe the hub should be amicable, informative, neat and quick. Not to mention thirst quenching. We believe that service, quality, and speed are imperative. We like our tasty libations delivered lickity split, and we know you do, too.

Combine our remarkable, bespoke mobile bar designs with our expert mixologists and awesome booze, and you get a spectacular event. Most importantly we can travel anywhere to meet you in Bend, Portland, the Columbia Gorge or Willamette Valley.  Have something further?  Just ask.

So let’s make your indoor or outdoor event flawless, seamless, smooth, and fun.

Just sit back, we'll make it fabulous.

We always enjoy your clever drinks and excellent service. You guys make parties fun.

— Patty B

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Being the Ultimate Host is the Best Party Trick Yet

Your Hub. Our Heartbeat.


bartenders for Hire

Everything was absolutely wonderful. We could not have pulled it off without Twist. You will all come highly recommended by us.
— Jeff, Donette, & Anaya

With us, your drink is always full.

When you throw a party, where will your guests flock first? The bar. It’s the heart, the core, the hub of your event. Our charmingly fabulous bartenders for hire are the first people they’ll meet. They don’t just serve drinks, they deliver celebration.

Anyone can be taught how to pour a great drink, but very few bartenders are taught to be superb hosts and curators of joy. Our bartenders for hire ensure that your indoor or outdoor event is flawless, seamless, smooth, and fun. And more than mere beverage caterers, they dazzle and delight you and your guests.

Just tell us where and when, and our team will meet you there.


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Hosted Bar

The experience your guests are hoping for. We’ll make sure you and your VIP guests always have a drink in their hands and a smile on their faces. We’ll take care of it all so you can focus on being a guest at your own party.

Hosted bars are billed to you based on consumption. You may place a package maximum on your hosted total to ensure there are no surprises. Together we’ll curate a selection of your favorites.

Choose From:

  • Beer & Wine Bars

  • Beer, Wine & Cocktail Bars

  • Signature Cocktails Added to Any Options

  • Experiential & Tasting Bars

  • Extensive Nonalcoholic Selections

  • House Selected or Premium Options Available--Just ask, our options are almost endless

photo credit: Scott Warmen



no HOst or Cash Bar

Guests will purchase their own drinks if they choose to imbibe. A great choice when having alcohol at your party is important, but your budget takes priority. We’ll curate a selection of our most popular items and accept cash and credit cards.

Choose From:

  • Beer & Wine Bars

  • Beer, Wine & Full Cocktail Bars

  • Hosted Signature Cocktails Added to Any Option


Combo Host And No Host Bar

The best option when you want to be a great host, but value keeping an eye on your budget. You choose your package maximum. When (or even if) we reach your comfortable budget, we’ll switch to a no-host bar. Tell us a couple of your favorites and “must have” items, and we’ll make sure to create a great balance of beverage favorites.


  • Beer & Wine Bars

  • Beer, Wine & Cocktail Bars

  • Hosted Signature Cocktails Added to Any Option

  • Extensive Nonalcoholic Selection

  • House Selected or Premium Options Available

photo credit: Cody Chan



You may provide your own alcohol for your event, and we’ll provide your service staff, bar equipment and supplies for your event. Bartender only packages will include an appropriate number of bartenders to fit your event, and we’ll customize the bar supply list based on your event logistics.  

photo credit: Mallory Torchio




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