Plum Flower Cosmopolitan

Want a festive drink for the holidays?

We're taking a stroll down memory lane to bring back our Plum Flower Cosmopolitan. And just in time, because we're thirsty for something celebratory.

Learn from Twist Cocktail Catering Company in Bend, Oregon how to make festive cocktails for New Year's Eve.

Here is the ingredient list for this plum-a-licious delight:

  • 2 oz Pearl plum vodka

  • 1 oz triple sec

  • 3 oz cranberry juice

  • dash lime

  • drizzle of hibiscus nectar

  • cherry for garnish

Combine first four ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake, shake shake for icy, frothy fabulousness, then pour into your favorite martini glass. Slowly drizzle hibiscus nectar down the edge of the martini glass, then garnish with a cherry. And that's it. Now you're ready to take the on the holidays with "erm" a-plumb.

The holidays just got plum-tastic!


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