Cherry Bourbon Sour

It's Sunday, it's hot, and I don't want to cook or shop or eat or move. I'm thirsty, and what I really want is lovely Marcus from 900 Wall in my kitchen mixing me up something fabulous from their cocktail menu.  

 Well Marcus isn't here, and I'm freaking parched.  So, WWMD with what's in my cupboards?  



So I haven't been to the store in say, emm, 3 weeks.  Once in awhile the husband pops in and grabs some produce so that we can scrape by without developing scurvy.  This week, I still have cherries and lemons--thank gawd.  And the liquor cabinet has Broken Top Bourbon from Cascade Street Distillery.  Oh the angels are good to me today.

So, let's just muddle and shake and see what we get.



So here's what we came up with for our Sunday night Cocktail:

Cherry Bourbon Sour

2 oz Bourbon

2 oz Fresh Squeezed lemon juice

3 Fresh Dark Cherries

1 oz Simple Syrup

In a shaker with a couple ice cubes, muddle about 3 pitted dark cherries.  Really beat the hell out of them, we want the juice, the color, and a little bit of pulp.  Then add all of your liquid ingredients and shake like hell.  Yeah yeah, I don't believe in "bruising" your bourbon.  At least not in a sour.  And on a hot day, I want this puppy frothy.  Strain it all into a martini glass, garnish with a couple of cherries, and immediately start making your second one because the first will be gone in a hot second.  Happy Sunday.



Kathryn Burn